Can You Have Microsoft Office For iPad?

Can you have Microsoft Office on iPad? That’s a question many users are asking, particularly after Apple announced they’d be allowing iPad owners to download full versions of their programs via the iTunes Store. The company later followed up with a flurry of iPad applications which include the very popular Microsoft Office suite. While there are some advantages to using an iPad as opposed to just an iPhone or Android smartphone, is it really possible to have Microsoft Office on iPad?

The answer is definitely “yes.” If your iPad is below 10.1 inches diagonally (running horizontal) then all the official Microsoft Office applications are free, even the free mobile apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the all encompassing app. You can also get access to Microsoft Office online, which has the same apps as the desktop version but only one application per user. You can switch between these two apps, just like you would between a smartphone and a tablet.

The problem with these apps is not that they run on an older version of the apple devices; it’s rather that none of them use the native development code which is so universal between all applications and platforms. This means that if you’re working on something on your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll be able to work on the same documents and spreadsheets on your iPad just like you would on your computer. The trick is getting the iPad apps to run natively on the device. The good news is that there are several third party companies which have created specialized development tools for the Apple devices and allow for the use of many of the same apps you would find on the iPhone or Android phones.

One of these specialized software is the Open Office suite, which includes apps for Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents. While the Excel apps are designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the PowerPoint apps are universal. If you need to create a presentation and want to edit the slides, then you can easily do so on your iPad while you are at the office. If you need to export the PowerPoint into PDF format, then all you have to do is transfer the files from your computer to the iPad via Wi-Fi. The power of the integration goes on to include support for the popular Firefox browser, which means you can easily go online and continue to surf the web.

Of course, when it comes to word processing and writing, there is nothing that can compare with the professional looking handwritten version offered by the iWork for iPad software. Even though the screen is tiny, you can easily compose a document in landscape orientation with full keyboard support. You can also send the document to other iPad users through Air Mail or e-mail as well as you can add attachments. If you need to type up a business report, then this app will cater to your needs perfectly.

However, one of the most impressive features of the iPad apps is the Microsoft Office for iPad, which allows you to access your usual Microsoft office experience but in tablet form. What’s more, you can add the iPad keyboard to allow you to type directly on the screen. If you use the Adobe Suite, then you will enjoy everything that the popular publishing program has to offer including the Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. If you have a Mac, you will get access to the powerful Adobe Flash software, which you can use for video creation and editing. Even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi network at home, you can still stay connected to the office even when you travel since the iPad has a dock connector port.

Since there are a number of apps for the iPad, there has to be a wide selection of products for the same so far as productivity and utility apps are concerned. One such great application that offers a free download to iPad users is the official word processing app, which gives you access to the most advanced word processors like Microsoft Word. Another useful product to have is the document viewer, which lets you view other people’s files like drafts, notes or newsletters and share them with your colleagues. One of the best features of this app is the zoomable preview, which lets you see the actual size of a document before downloading it.

The last thing that we are going to talk about apps for the iPad is the ability to transfer documents and spreadsheets between your computer and iPad. Many people these days use their smart phones to take pictures, videos and share them with their friends, colleagues and relatives across the globe effortlessly. Apple’s portable tablet can also be used like a mini computer because it has the ability to read PDF files, edit spreadsheets and write word documents like you would in your own word processor. To make sure that you have all these capabilities at your disposal, you can download a free copy of any of the apps mentioned above from the iTunes Store and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

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